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On a mission to bring joy and fashion to others

Beverly Hills Collection founder Amy Williams is notorious for being both frugal and fashionable. Those two words are the foundation that the Beverly Hills Collection is built on. As Mother to 3 children under 5, Amy knows all about making her dollars stretch. That is a big reason she launched BeverlyHillsCollection.com. Amy believes that fashion and frugality don't have to be enemies.

Amy and her team are on a simple mission... "Sell great clothes at great prices and give away as much joy as you can along the way".

Amy and the rest of the BHC family love sharing their frugal fashion favorites with you. Please join the conversation—share your ideas on style, culture, design, and fashion trends with the us.

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Amy Williams Founder of beverlyhillscollection.com

Amy Williams—Founder of BeverlyHillsCollection.com